Travel to Oz and Land of Kiwi

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Rare reflection of Aoraki Mt. Cook

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“We’ll always have Paris.”  That line from Casablanca was going through our heads as we caught what was nearly the last flight out of Auckland for the U.S.  Not surprisingly, it was packed.  American Airlines has a codeshare agreement with Qantas, and it wanted its equipment back to the States before NZ closed its borders. Continue reading “HOME!”

Kiwi Wrap Up

We are fewer than 24 hours from our NZ departure. The ride to the airport is scheduled so that I will be there within my “comfort zone” of getting there early enough, I hope. We are packing up for a quick checkout tomorrow. Even so, we took another stroll around the area just to seeContinue reading “Kiwi Wrap Up”

Holed Up in Auckland

We arrived here already in semi self-isolation. So many attractions and tours have closed or been cancelled that we have been walking quite a bit. We are in a one-bedroom apartment, and it gives us a bit of flexibility. We are just a five-minute walk from the waterfront with ferries and a wide variety ofContinue reading “Holed Up in Auckland”