Getting ready…

Janelle and I have been planning this trip for years. First, it was “we would like to get there someday (‘there’ being Australia and New Zealand).” Then Janelle retired, but Byron had not after about five tries. Then our nephew Brett’s company transferred him to Sydney for two years, so the travel window became more defined. Then we picked the brains of people who had traveled or lived there and made a list of things to do and places to go.

“Hmmm,” our travel agent said, “this is like trying to see the whole United States in two weeks. You will need to make some choices.”

So we have gone back and forth, considered multiple itineraries, including briefly circumnavigation, wrung our hands, and finalized our itinerary.

Now we are in the last minute flurry of getting ready to be gone…plants to water, notifications to make, arrangements to complete…yada, yada, yada. Janelle has revised the checklist and is happily crossing things off. Then it will be the “lay the clothes on the bed and make sure things match” phase, which apparently is quite common. Packing is more difficult for women, I think. Of course, that is also why she always looks so much more put together than I do.

So the test will be if we use all the things we pack to address the wide range of temperatures we have been tracking, from summer like temperatures in Melbourne and the Great Barrier Reef to lows in the teens around Mt. Cook in the Southern Alps.

So, we will post periodically during our sojourn. Until then…

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