Kiwi Wrap Up

We are fewer than 24 hours from our NZ departure. The ride to the airport is scheduled so that I will be there within my “comfort zone” of getting there early enough, I hope. We are packing up for a quick checkout tomorrow.

Even so, we took another stroll around the area just to see if we “missed” anything. We found a smaller, apparently more exclusive marina with some big sailboats, larger launches, i.e., powerboats, and slips for 14 historically significant boats built in the late 19th century to the 1970s. We also found Victoria Park with a running/walking track, four cricket pitches, and the clubhouse for the Auckland Indoor Cricket Club, however that works. The park and the marina were neat little finds for our last walkabout.

A couple of “big boys”
Useful recycling of “little buoys” for a park area
Notice the red, full size speed catamaran at the stern ready to be launches

Restaurants along the way were still empty but unlike a couple of days ago, they were now closed. One had a sign, “No cash or alcohol on the premises.” Hoping to ward off potential looters if things get a bit crazier? I find that hard to imagine here in NZ, but I am hearing about record gun and ammo sales back home. Sheesh.

Empty and closed

So, we are winding down on this great adventure, wondering what we will find when we return to the States, and anticipating our self-isolation protocol. Until we are back in SS, MD…

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