Blue Mountains National Park

We met the tour bus at a hotel three minutes’ walk from Chez Brett.  Blue Mountains National Park is one of the seven national parks that make up the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.  The sandstone outcrops, deep ravines and valleys, and the hazy blue eucalyptus (aka “gum,” which is easier to spell) provideContinue reading “Blue Mountains National Park”

The 12 (ish) Apostles and A Walk in the Treetops

We bid a fond farewell to Melbourne, picked up our car at the Southern Cross rail station, and headed out to find the Great Ocean Road (GOR), at the same time concentrating on driving on the lefthand side of the road.  The “car for hire” has a strange hybrid configuration:  brake and accelerator pedals areContinue reading “The 12 (ish) Apostles and A Walk in the Treetops”

Getting ready…

Janelle and I have been planning this trip for years. First, it was “we would like to get there someday (‘there’ being Australia and New Zealand).” Then Janelle retired, but Byron had not after about five tries. Then our nephew Brett’s company transferred him to Sydney for two years, so the travel window became moreContinue reading “Getting ready…”